Private broking - For Homeowners

Our homeowner customers deserve a serene management

In asset management, placing one’s property on the rental market is a major commitment that is not devoid of interest or risk. MIELLS & Partners is here to monitor the operation, find a qualified and stable tenant. Many factors are taken into account in order to set a price that fits the evolving demand. Rest assured, our associates will find the elements promoting your property on the market. We place our expertise at your service in order to optimize the value of your property and ensure your rental income over the long term. In the Principality of Monaco, leases are of a minimum period of one year. Thus, we plan the necessary marketing and advertising on various media, organize visits and will select the tenant. If the management is entrusted to us, all our legal and accounting expertise will complete the transaction. During this period and at renewal, a dedicated service will do a technical follow up for the duration of the rental, from the equipment operation check up to the reinstatement of the premises.

Under a lease (excluding management), most of the commission to the agency MIELLS & Partners is supported by the tenant upon signing the contract. The commission rate charged by members of the Real Estate Board of Monaco is 10% of the annual rent (+ VAT). The lessee will pay them only at the signing of the lease.


To manage your property is another facet of our expertise. It is a mark of confidence that we make it a point of honour to earn. We take care of all the formalities: fiscal, administrative, legal, social and technical, often complex and time consuming. In the ongoing effort to protect your interests, we select the best stakeholders and negotiate favourable rates for the upkeep of the house and its dependencies: garden, swimming pool, tennis...

We are in direct contact with architects, construction companies and ensure the monitoring of the sites. We focus on the control and payment of bills (water, gas, electricity, telephone, maintenance contracts, etc.) and we will assist you with private and public organizations (insurance, water company, post, telecommunications, EDF, GDF). We are also able to manage your home staff.

So you can live a dream holiday in Monaco, we offer a bespoke management formula that frees you from all material contingencies.

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